Sunday, October 01, 2006

show me yours, i'll show you mine.

I can't keep up with this blog, and I don't even have a kid yet! There hasn't been much crafting happening at this house. Just endless nights of cleaning and organizing the bedrooms to make room for the little bambino. (is this what they mean by nesting?) I hoped to sew a ruffle (minus the ruffle) for the bottom of the crib, but I can't make my mind up on the fabric, so I am not sure it's going to happen. Even though I still have two months (of back pain and sleepless nights) left it's starting to feel like it's down to the wire.

In other news, we spent a lovely weekend in Minnesota last weekend. Some friends of ours got married on a farm outside of Minneapolis. Between the sheep, the farm cat, the bluegrass band, and Whale Tail Lake the wedding turned out to be a lovely affair. I felt like a penguin waddling around in my dress, but I got to wear a beautiful fall-colored corsiage (I read a poem during the ceremony) so that made me feel a bit better. The reception ended with everyone around a bonfire out behind the barn and the bride was wearing green galoshes (it was raining) with her knee-length gown. Now that's the sort of wedding I could get used to.

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