Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Gnomey hat front.

Stegosaurus freezer paper stencil.

There has been some kid-related crafting happening around here recently:

I've wanted to make helloyarn's gnomey hat pattern for ages now, but I was waiting for the perfect yarn. I completely forgot I had this Karabella Chameleon in my stash--an insanely soft merino, silk, cashmere blend. I knit this on size 6 needles, so I had to change the pattern up a bit. How could you not want to knit this hat? It has ear flaps! And poms! And a little i-cord on top! I'm selfishly saving this one back for baby Ella/pie/hooha/seester (these are just a few of the names Cash has called the baby).

And Cash and I had another little magic moment last week when we cranked out this stegosaurus freezer paper stenciled shirt. Cash has caught the dinosaur bug. I realize that in no time we'll be able to distinguish a stegosaurus from pterodactyl. But, right now, this is all new to us, and last night the plastic brachiosaurus got called both a stegosaurus and a brontosaurus. So sue me. It's been awhile since I studied about "ancient creatures that I'm not convinced ever really existed."

Anyhow, we needed something to do, so I thought:

New dinosaur obsession
+ Thrifted muscle tee

= Something to do

Cash got to help pick out a dinosaur pattern and do a bit of painting. When I unveiled the dried design later that night he jumped up and down clapping.

Oh, sweet gratitude.


library chicken said...

Did I miss the news that you are having a girl? How exciting! I am still so amazed at the amount of crafting and reading you are able to complete. You are my hero!

sarahjane said...

Oh, no. We're not sure what we're having. Cash just calls it his baby seester! We'll see if he's right! :)

Anonymous said...

sarah, the dino tee is so adorable! you've got to tell me how you do these freezer paper stencils. is there a good book or website you'd recommend?


sarahjane said...

Anne, it's super easy:
1. trace a design onto the non-waxy side of freezer paper
2. cut it out with x-acto knife
3. iron it to your shirt (waxy side down)
4. put something inside the shirt so the paint doesn't bleed through
5. paint inside the stencil with fabric paint
6. let it dry and peel off the freezer paper

does that make sense?

Rach said...

wow, that is the most parsimonious explanation of freezer paper stenciling i've read. the mystery is unveiled!

i can't get over what a big kid cash looks like in this pic. hope we'll get to see you on sunday at the fabini bash :)