Monday, February 12, 2007

kangaroo baby

we spend much of our days on this spot on the couch--reading, doing crossword puzzles, playing on the internet (which is what i'm doing in this picture). he likes to sleep scrunched up in the sling with his head dropped back against my hand. we're still on the unpredictable schedule, never knowing when he's gonna sleep or eat or cry or anything else. since it's been below-freezing here, we haven't gotten out much--a few runs to the coffee roasters for some more chamomile tea, a few to target, the library. i'm still trying to decide whether or not i'm going to keep working part-time. it's a tough one, not to mention i'm not so good at making decisions.

i read a pretty good book called "but enough about me" by jancee dunn--a writer for rolling stone who tells about her life up until rolling stone, how she came to be a writer and be surrounded by celebrities and pseudo-celebrities. in between each chapter there are little tips for interviewing celebrities that are witty and fun to read. much of this book makes me feel like dunn really thinks she's hot stuff (even though she's always talking about how uncool she is). or maybe we all think we're hot stuff, who knows. now i'm onto a book called "heat" by bill buford about his year studying under a famous chef. some parts are boring--food histories, details about cooking types of meat--but much of this is captivating and hilarious.

i'm trying to knit another one of these for my friend's birthday. i made myself an orange one out of this beautiful yarn that my yarn shop informed me they'll no longer be carrying. darnit.

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Anonymous said...

yay! i love it when you write updates... it's like a little peek into the fascinating life of sarah jane (and cash now, too).

love you!