Monday, March 12, 2007

you're getting warmer

Cash's nursery is almost finished, now that I got the Johnny Cash print framed and actually had a weekend off to work on it. I got this print in Nashville last winter at the famous Hatch Show Print. I had JoAnn Fabrics frame it because of their 50% off deal going on, but I wouldn't use them again. The frame hugs the lettering on the left-hand side, even though the framer assured me it wouldn't. Problem is, I waited so long for this to come in, I hate to take it back to have them fix it (isn't that twisted?). A few photos:

crane and twig mobile, inspired by this photo.

notice baby in basket.

the prints. the smaller one is this print.

above the changing table: vintage paint-by-numbers and a few collections
i'm rather fond of the red diaper pail.

and the "in progress" corner. the lincoln rocker was my grandparents and is very dear to me. unfortunately, the color and style are not dear to me, so i'm still unsure of how to handle this.

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