Monday, September 15, 2008

Show & Tell Club

Basically, it started with books. For almost a year, six of us, give or take a few, have had this little book club. We started off reading something once per month, then once per 7 or 8 weeks, then every-other month. The writing's on the wall, you see where this is going.

Eventually we decided that on the "off" months, we'd get together to talk about whatever we'd been reading on our own. Then we came up with this idea. In my memory, it's so clear that I was the one who came up with this, but--thank you, technology--in rereading our emails I realize it was actually Eric and Scott.

Eric: I have an idea which kinda defies the laws of book clubnicity. . . (insert idea here). . . Kind of like show and tell. (He first uttered the phrase).

Scott: Thinking about it, it could be totally open, you (could) just bring something cool. Something you made or saw somewhere or a strange thing you found on the ground or a song you can sing. And there would be food. Could be fun. I could see Readymade magazine doing an article about how "Show and Tell" clubs are the new thing. (He ran with it).

So, there you have it. They stole my idea first. And so began the Show & Tell Club. We had our inaugural meeting over brunch on September 7 at our place. I made the invitations above and hand-colored them with fancy colored pencils. There was a blurb inside that read:

The Show & Tell club is a small group of hoodlums who seem to enjoy telling each other stories and wowing one another with dance moves, book suggestions, weight lifting, and clean jokes. Please humor them by bringing along something to share. Perhaps you could sing a song, read a poem, bring something you handcrafted, or share your most prized possession (even if that item is only a pencil sharpener).

Words cannot describe the beauty of Show & Tell Club.

Here was the rundown:

Vince brought his high heels from the Walk in Her Shoes fundraiser. John had his 80's paint-splattered sunglasses (totally ridiculous creation). Marie brought handmade flipbooks. David had some insane photos he'd taken with a new 3-D lens. Eric brought old photos and trinkets he'd come across. Clare brought two sweet handmade creatures. Scott read one of his poems, as did David. Suzanne had some of her first screenprinting designs. Catherine brought these little handmade books from her childhood. I read my journal from 1994. Wes had made his own memory tiles (more on those later). Laura brought a piece of her pottery. Tony released his famous blueberry muffin recipe from the secret family vault. And Tracy showed some of his artwork from his summer internship.
Whew! A lot, huh? You can thank me later, Readymade magazine. A royalty check would be fine.

Check flickr for all the photos. Just you wait, Show & Tell Club #2: Halloween Edition will be at John and Lindsay's. It's bound to be good.


lera said...

What a fun idea!

delilah said...

This is such a great idea! I wish there was a group like this near me!

Mr. Hill said...

You are so funny. Thank you for your research and for setting the record straight. I do think, however, that there is an earlier email, sent before Eric's, that proves I, in fact, had the idea first.

But I think we should all share credit equally.

laura said...

we loved the show and tell club...thanks for inviting us!!