Monday, November 03, 2008

Greatest Halloween Story Ever

I have felt so zapped of energy, I can't even bring myself to post--no, I'm not pregnant. . . nothing like that. Who knows what it is. The blahs, that's what.

I made these felt pumpkin people for the Halloween edition of Show & Tell Society--which I missed due to our last minute California vacation. Dangit! The pattern is from Jennifer Murphy and was featured on Martha Stewart last year.

More from Halloween on my flickr.

And now for the greatest Halloween story. My friend Shaun passed out candy with another friend of his, Brian. A big teenager walks onto the porch wearing a red and black striped shirt. Shaun says, "Awww, Fat Albert! Right on! " He hands over a piece of candy. The kid says nothing. When he leaves Brian says, "Dude that kid was Freddy Krueger. Didn't you see the glove?"


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laura said...

oh snap! love those pumpkins :-)